St Tropez

St Tropez an old fishing village St Tropez famous by Louis de Funes and Brigitte Bardot

St.Tropez probably ranks among the most famous places of the whole Cote d´Azur.
Saint Tropez is a city of full plates and myths,
here are the rich and super rich people.
St. Tropez ist the city of Brigitte Bardot.
Saint Tropez developed from a small fishing village
to one of the most well-known cities of the Cote d´Azur
since itself in the 60's in St. Tropez the international stars like Brigitte Bardot,
and many other stars established there.

The Gendarmerie national in St. Tropez became the probably
most famous police station of the world by the films with Louis de Funes.

Today St.Tropez counts approx. 6000 inhabitants,
and approx. 5 million visitors each year.

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Only in the 15 th century some families established themselves in St.Tropez.
This place attained never greater importance nevertheless.
St. Tropez not even remained in the shade by Marseille or Toulon,
but was simple and simple an insignificant fishing village.

First acknowledgment attained to Saint Tropez in the year 1892,
as itself the painter Paul Signac established in the city and many artists pulled tight.
Thus Saint Tropez bekame a city of the painters and artists.

In the beginning of the last century St.Tropez affected
like a magnet for the French artist elite:
Famous singers, actors, painter and writer recovered in St. Tropez,
under it Edith Piaf, Colette, Picasso, Jean Paul Sartre and Jean Genet.

St Tropez experienced the real ascent only in the year 1956,
as the film “And god created woman ” of Roger Vadim was turned in the city.
With this film the large career of Brigitte Bardot began.

Today the wealthy ones from all world
present in the port of St .Tropez their yachts,
fire-red sports cars or its Harley Davidson.

The proximity of St. Tropez to Cannes, Nice and Monaco
is ideal for the owners of the yachts,
so they can oscillate between highly attractive places.

St. Tropez is towerded above from the old castle „La citadelle“,
where nice birds are living.

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Impressions of St Tropez

Walk through St Tropez, by tightness lanes with balconies,
on which laundry flutters in the wind, to churches, multicolored markets,
and over the market place “Place de Lices des Arts” in St. Tropez
where men play Boules and drink Pastis (anise liquor).

Walk  up to the citadelle in St. Tropez (the citadelle is built in the 16 th century)
and enjoy a wonderful view over the entire bay of the gulf of St. Tropez
until far behind Ste. Maxime.

From the campsite „Les Prairies de la Mer“ St. Tropez can be attained comfortably
with a ferry and in any case attendance worth.

An absolute must is the market in St Tropez,
this takes place each Tuesday and Saturday between 8 and 13 o'clock.

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